What «underwater rocks» you need to know before deciding to buy wireless alarm system

If you are reading this article, possibly, you have been thinking about the safety of your apartments or office. If yes, what options came to your mind first? Install another door, buy a dog, put an alarm or hire a guard (most expensive solution)? However, in the event of flood, fire or visit of experienced burglars, none of these variants will save your property. Therefore, in order to sleep and not worry about safety, you need to buy a wireless alarm system. What is such a device and how can it protect your property, we will tell further
From where to begin?

There are many similar devices on the local market. Unfortunately, very often we have to deal with unscrupulous sellers who offer low-quality goods. The first thing to ask when you are offered to buy an alarm device, besides the brand name, «Is it Wireless?». It is because the wires – a relic of the past, are easy to cut, disable or incapacitate. That is why GSM devices are no longer popular nowadays.

Wireless House Alarm – what are the criteria for choosing a right gadget?

We have already concluded that wired systems do not suit us. It remains to decide what you should pay attention to when choosing a modern security gadget for your home or office. Let's highlight the most important points:

  • House Alarm should have its own mobile application for wireless control of all devices in the house (electrical appliances, doors and cameras). It is desirable that the application was available for download in the marketplace of Apple and Android.
  • Modern security solutions should protect from moisture and dust, as well as encrypt data from hacking.
  • Do not forget about guarantee from manufacturer. Famous brands offer it from 24 months.
  • Battery – no less important detail. When you choose wireless home alarm systems, it is worth paying special attention to shelf life of the batteries in the sensors. The optimal rate is 5-7 years.
  • As for «smart» sensors, be sure to ask sellers about how «smart» they are. Modern transducers must distinguish the steps of a person from an animal’s walk, as well as recognize the movement of a robot vacuum cleaner. This also includes the recognition of smoke and the fixation of electricity surges.
  • Despite the fact that the design of the device for some plays an important role (we all love with the eyes), do not forget about the compactness. Home alarm systems, although they are wireless, are installed differently. Some solutions install within 5 minutes, while others require exhausting installation work.
  • Size matters. The security system should not take up too much space in the house, so as not to turn into a dust collector and obstacle for walking.
  • Price plays a big role, but if you choose between safety and a slightly larger price tag, it is better to take a more reliable, branded device (for example, Ajax), rather than consider cheap wireless home security systems.

We also do not recommend purchasing used goods. On marketplaces, you can often find offers, like «Wireless alarm systems for sale». In such solutions, there are defects that you can found only two months after the purchase (like smartphones from Alibaba or eBay, for example). The price difference could be up to 50%, but there is a risk to throw money down the drain and stay with nothing.

Therefore, we advise to buy wireless alarm systems from authorized dealers who supply new products for sale from the producer with a warranty.

Let us summarize. Modern security gadgets should be «without wires», compact, integrate with all electronic devices in the house, have its own mobile application, be protected from moisture and dust, determine the environment and have a long lasting battery. Well, and most importantly, you should not risk and consider used or cheap wireless home security alarm system. Your house – is your castle with reliable safety gadgets, remember that.