Is it possible to rely on the protection of security systems from hacking?

Is it possible to rely on the protection of security systems from hacking?

Many factors prove to us that yes. After all, studies have shown that intruders have almost no chance to get into the house, which is a security system. The Association of Security Professionals has conducted a study on the topic: “Understanding hacking solutions from the point of view of a criminal”, and came to some conclusions:

Dogs, close proximity, armored doors, the presence of bars on the windows, the presence of a security guard badge, the presence of outdoor video cameras — all of these factors influence the target of the robbers.

Also, in this study it was found that approximately 60% of the robbers would go in search of another goal if they notice the presence of security systems, especially if the hacking was planned in advance.

A large number of hackers try to find out by any means whether there are video cameras and whether an alarm system has been set. And about half of them change their mind, after the discovery of these security systems.

From this we can conclude that more than half of the robbers will not enter your house due to the presence of a security system. And what about the rest of the robbers? The study states that 40% of robberies are impulsive, that is, the burglar does not even try to find out if there is a security system before entering the house. Only 1 out of 5 intruders cut off the telephone wires and turned off the alarm before entering the house.

Of course, security systems are not able to prevent all thefts, but it is proved that they prevent the majority, especially those that are planned in advance. Although a hacker can rob you for 10 minutes, the likelihood of this is halved when a security system is installed in your home.

If you take into account all the above, then homeowners, tenants should think about investing in security systems and regularly take the necessary precautions against theft. Such as: trusting relationships with neighbors, a well-lit area of ​​the house and near it, placing signs that indicate the presence of a security system in the house.

Moreover, even if the security system cannot stop the robber, with its help you will be able to track the criminal after the offense and see the recorded footage on the security cameras after the incident. This data is great to help you and the police to find the attacker.

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