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Ajax security in London – popular security device is now available in UK!

In business as well as in everyday life, security is important. No one is immune from the fact that once, in your absence, robbers descend into your home or office. In addition, it would be okay if they were ordinary thieves, against whom works strong metal doors, an alarm system and a hilar dog. Now, we increasingly have to deal with professionals, against whom are effective only solutions as Ajax security in London.

It is a wireless security device, that protects your property from lovers of easy money, fires, floods and electricity voltages. The device is controlled by an app from anywhere in the world. A couple of years ago, it was possible to order it only from other European countries via Internet, but thanks to strong demand for Ajax Security, the novelty is now available in London.
What are the features of Ajax Systems?

This device has many advantages against competitors, ranging from design and ending with long battery life. We decided to choose the most interesting of them:

  • The device controlled by an app that allows you to arm the house in just a few clicks. You can receive data from the device while you are on the road or at work. Data transfer occurs instantly via Swift Alerts protocol.
  • Ajax is one of the most popular wireless systems in the world. Therefore, regardless of your phone model, the app is available for download, both in the AppStore and PlayMarket.
  • The sensors of the gadget protected from moisture and dust, so you do not have to worry about corrosion.
  • The gadget works on the Jeweller technology with a special mechanism. The information encrypted with a floating-key algorithm, which excludes the possibility of transferring data to the third parties.
  • Ajax System has smart sensors recognizing the false threat of invasion from real. The gadget distinguishes human footsteps from the gait of a dog or a robot cleaner. All this thanks to the sensor SmartDetect.
  • Ajax took care of ease of use, so the system does not need to install by using tools – just put the sensors on the floor or attach them to the wall.
  • In addition to security, the device allows you to change the climate and lighting at its discretion, as well as include doors and electrical appliances in the house.
  • Ajax Security System connects to cameras in the house, allowing you to monitor everything that happens in your home or office through a phone in real time mode.

Those are not all the pluses of this gadget, only the «tip of the iceberg». If you want to purchase the device, get free consultation about product or discuss the possibility of cooperation, call your regional manager’s telephone number. Representatives of Ajax are willing to help you to determine the choice of the security system for your needs.